SGRP Ships
The following ships are custom made, and is not in the original Gundam series.

| Eternal Darkness | Shadow Union |

#ShadowGundam00RP Ships - Shadow Union
Name: Shadow Union

Unit Type: Colony-class Mothership

Manufacturer: Shadow Union

Operator: Shadow Union

Known Captains: Veda vS2, Lilith

Known Crew:

Overall Length: 30 km

Powerplant: GN Drive vS2 x10

Autonomous Cloning Facilities
Autonomous Factory for MS production
Living Room
Passageway 1-3
System Room
MS Hangar Decks x 3
Veda vS2's Container

Many x 20m GN Laser
5x 80m GN Laser

Special Equipments and Features:
Stealth System vS2
- High GN particle dispersal

Optional Equipments
GN Boosters

Mobile Weapons:
SUSA-X666 Shadow