SGRP Ships
The following ships are custom made, and is not in the original Gundam series.

| Eternal Darkness | Shadow Union |

#ShadowGundamRP Ships - Eternal Darkness
Name: Eternal Darkness

Unit Type: Multi-Purpose Assault Mobile Weapons Transport

Model Number: SUS-1

Manufacturer: Shadow Union

Operator: Shadow Union

Known Captains:

Known Crew:
Plus many others..

Overall Length: 255 meters

Food & Quarters
Tactical Room
Observation Room(s)
Weapons & Supplies
MS Containers
- GN Drive Tau resupply facilities

Armor: E-Carbon

5x GN Cannons
10x GN Flak Cannons
10x GN Large Missile Launchers
10x GN Missile Launcher
10x GN Torpedo Launcher
Many x GN Cannon Turrets
Many x GN Missiles
Many x GN Torpedeo

Special Equipments and Features:
Trans-Am System
GN Field
Aviation Mode
- Atmospheric Re-Entry
- Atmospheric Exit
Submarine Mode
- E-Sonar
- Torpedo Launcher
Stealth System
- Stealth System vS2
- High GN particle dispersal

Optional Equipments
GN Boosters

Mobile Weapons:
SUSA-X666 Shadow
Plus many other Mobile Weapons