ShadowGundam00RP Gundams
The following gundams are custom made, and is not in the original Gundam series.

| Shadow |

#ShadowGundam00RP Gundams - Shadow
Name: Shadow

Codenames: Shadow Gundam

Unit Type: Prototype Innovator-use Stealth and Assault Mobile Suit

Model Number: SUSA-X666

Manufacturer: Shadow Union

Launched: Unknown

Pilot: Lilith

Status: Active


Powerplant: GN Drive vS2 x2

Power Output: 500,000kW per GN Drive vS2 (~1,000,000kW)

Accommodation: Pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

GN Composite Armor

GN Beam Saber x2 (stored in knees)
GN Beam Sniper Rifle
GN Beam machinegun
GN Micro Missiles x 8
GN Sword V x 2
GN Sword Bit x 6

Special Equipments and Features:
Bit Control System
GN Field
Quantum Brainwave Control System
Quantum Teleport System
Self-destruct System
Stand-alone operating system
Stealth System vS2
Trial System vS2
Twin Drive System
- Raiser System vS2
- Trans-Am System
-- Trans-Am Raiser
-- Trans-Am Burst
Wireless Link to Veda vS2

Optional Equipments: GN Booster