ShadowGundam00RP Alliances
The following alliances are custom made, and is not in the original Gundam series.

| Shadow Union |

#ShadowGundam00RP Alliances - Shadow Union
Alliance Symbol
Alliance Name: Shadow Union

Type of Alliance: Underground Alliance

Date Established: Unknown

Alliance Background:
The Shadow Union was formed by Lilith. She is the admiral of the Shadow Union and the pilot of the Shadow, or the Shadow Gundam, a famous Gundam who has the most killing streaks and hardly any damage done to it during this time period. The war between the Union, HRL, and AEU was started by the Shadow Union on A.D 2318. The real intentions of the Shadow Union is unknown, and not much is known about this mysterious alliance however all that is known is that their next strike will come from out of the blue. No one really knows their actual location thus keeping them a dangerous enemy.

Admiral: Lilith
Vice-Admiral: ??

Notable Members:

Notable Ships:
Shadow Union (Mothership)
Eternal Darkness

Notable Gundams:
SUSA-X666 Shadow

Notable Bases:
Shadow Union (Mothership)

Notable Operations: